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Outdoor heaters KALIENTE, KALOR and SOLFLAME
SIABS is glad to present its complete range of heaters for outdoor areas, characterized by a modern design and the highest security. SIABS’ thermal radiators are patented and realized completely in Italy, with exclusive technologies. They decorate with style every place, guaranteeing compliance with the regulations in force. This is a smart choice: the minimum investment for a great qualitative leap and improvement in the service offered to clients.
That’s why we don’t call them simply “heaters”! 




The outdoor heater KALIENTE include in a single product a modern aesthetic and innovative design, together with the opportunity to personalize the product. The flame that burns inside a special glass tube will create a special atmosphere and will make your local really charming. The heater can work in a manual or automatic mode, with a remote control that can switch the heater on/off and can regulate it in 3 levels of power. You can choose among GPL bottle or fix net of natural gas, with considerable savings on the cost of management.
The appearance of the heater can be customized, choosing the colours or with silkscreened prints, images, photos which will make your KALIENTE unique.

Assembly Instructions


The outdoor heater KALOR offers all the features of personalization and beauty aspect of the KALIENTE model, but differs from this for the high efficiency metallic fiber burner. 


From the style point of view, the SOLFLAME model all the features of the KALIENTE model, with a touch of sportsmanship. SOLFLAME’s peculiarity is its comfort and convenience, due to the metallic small shelf, where the guests can place their empty glasses or small objects.

Assembly Instructions

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