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Mobile heaters NH and DeLUX
The mobile version of radiant gas heaters are the best solution for localized heating, intermittent or continuous, in some workplaces in large areas, in small or medium-size churches and in open-air areas.
With this device, you don’t need to build the gas facility with fixed pipe and power supply. In fact the heaters are powered by LPG gas bottle. They are made with a very robust structure, with oversized reflectors for better efficiency (NH version).
The power can be modulated thanks to a convenient knob (version DeLUX). The heaters are equipped with wheels to be easily transported from one place to another, and moved away at the end of the cold season. The NH version is provided with cover for gas cylinder, in order to ensure safety and a nice appearance.

We gave much attention to the appearance of the  DeLUX, so that it could harmonize with the surrounding. It has a storage tank and panels in the colours CHARCOAL, IVORY and POLISHED STEEL.



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