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SIABS luminous infra-red heaters heat by irradiation mode: all bodies with a temperature above absolute zero (- 273 °C) emit thermal energy in the form of infra-red rays (same way as the sun), due to the vibration of the atoms that make up the body itself. Energy travels in straight lines at the light speed and is transformed into heat immediately when it encounters a body at lower temperature, heating only people and surfaces, not the air containing them.





Heat transfer by radiation has IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES related to the fact that heat is transfered only where needed, without heating air between heat source and bodies / surfaces to be heated.


In particular, the heat transfer takes place without disturbing people, with uniform result at different distances. No air circulation and thus movement of dust (harmful for some products). Noise level is very low.


Radiant heating systems allow you to bring significant savings on the cost of initial investment, due to the lower installed power and easy installation. Savings is relevant and most evident on the management of the plant, thanks to lower installed power, very short time to reach operating temperatures and possibility of heating localised zones, and no air stratification. You can increase the installed power later on.


With a radiant system people and surfaces are directly heated, while a convection system heats air to heat people and surfaces (increased energy consumption). 
Warm air, lighter than cold air, naturally moves upward causing high temperatures in the upper, unoccupied building, so the heating system must be designed to produce air at higher temperature, to get the required comfort temperature at head height, with significant losses of efficiency.

This is made evident by the following chart, which shows the difference in temperature inside a room, between a hot air system (curve C) and an irradiation system (curve R).



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