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Industrial shed heating
Gas fired luminous heaters and radiant tube heaters are the best solution for heating of large areas, whole buildings or localized areas (spot heating), both occasional and continuous heating.

They are the best solution for heating of industrial sheds with production, assembly, storage and maintenance activities. 


I Radiant heaters can be installed in several kinds of areas: mechanical workshops,  iron and steel industries, steel mills, foundries, heavy carpentry and metalworking, shipyards, building sites,  factories for marble and building materials treatment, factories for glass production and treatment, greenhouses, airport hangars, assembly line, warehouses, outdoor loading and unloading areas.
The DC model is different from the DC Eco model for the side reflectors, made in reflective steel, which allows a better efficiency (heat transmission) even at meaningful heights.
The DC model, version High Efficiency (HE), has the side carpentry totally insulated to maximize the efficiency of the device, significantly limiting the heat dispersion. This model is built upon request.

All electronic models are available in "on-off " or "two-stage" version, with 2 heating levels (approx. 75 and 100 %), which allows clear and important advantages:

  • Better comfort for people
  • Savings in gas consumption
  • Fewer starts and stops
  • Reserve power in case of particularly cold periods.

Ideal for factories with poor insulation. They can be also used as anti-freeze protection for machinery and anti-fog in semi-finished steel warehouses and in industrial process applications (heating, heating, cooking, drying, etc.). The DM version of SIABS with oversized parables is the right solution to heat small areas within industrial buildings, in cases where you want to avoid the electrical and gas plant with fixed piping. The ignition is manual with push-button piezo device, while safety is ensured by a system with Thermo-couple.

Radiant gas heaters,  in the mobile version, are the best solution for the localized heating and for intermittent or continuous heating of some workstations in large environments.



The DC version of SIABS is made with a very robust structure suitable for a “heavy” use, and with increased parables for better efficiency in case of heating of localized areas. The DCeco version of SIABS, with a lighter structure than that of DC model, represents a good compromise between cost and performance. Security is ensured by an automatic electronic system of ignition and flame control.

The DM version with oversized parables is the right solution for heating small areas within industrial buildings, when you want to avoid the electrical and gas plant with fixed pipe. The ignition is manual through device push-button piezo, while safety is ensured by a system with Thermo-couple.


Gas radiant tubes

SIABS radiant tubes are autonomous heaters CE approved, suitable for heating of small-medium and large environments and for all those situations where a localized heating and not a total one is required. 

Our radiant tubes are designed with the best components available on European market; they are made to last over time and guarantee optimal performance in terms of efficiency and energy saving. Strength points of our heaters are numerous: system reliability in terms of maintenance almost non-existent; great comfort without having to switch on the heating hours before the employees arrive; quietness of the device thanks to the use of the best extractors on the market and gas group built with the latest generation of burners; modular system that allows you to choose between various lengths of modules and various thermal powers.


Radiant modules offer the opportunity to choose between lengths ranging from 3-12 meters with U development at different thermal power and longer lengths with different developments. 

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