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SIABS industrial process burners, BRP series is a newly developed product, technologically advanced and reliable, for all applications requiring a surface heat treatment with substantial savings in operating costs and low emissions (NOx and CO), far below European standards. Main strength of the BRP burners is the metallic fiber combustor in FECRALLOY metal alloy : through a sophisticated process of production, it is transformed into a flexible and strong material, with running technical characteristics higher than any other flame burner. The high quality of the material is guaranteed by the EN 29001 European quality standard.


Important features are:

  • feeding system allowing the gas-air mixture in optimal proportions, before it is blown into the burner
  • very short time to get running temperatures (2 – 3 seconds)
  • thermal power can be modulated ; surface temperature of the burner approx. 900 °C
  • systems of electronic ignition and flame control, all of certificated type
  • corrosion-resistant combustor, anti-oxidant, anti flashback, with cooling times in the range of 30 seconds
  • can be operated by natural gas or L.P.G.
  • easy maintenance
  • resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks

Thanks to the extraordinary peculiarities above described and flexibility of the system, SIABS process burners find use in various industrial sectors, such as:

  • FOOD: belt furnaces, grain, fodder and tobacco dryers, pizza ovens, roasters, grills for lining and cooking of sliced vegetables, meat jokes, fish fillets, mushrooms, artichokes, eggplant, etc.
  • STEEL - NAVAL: pre-heating treatment for operation of welding and process of sheets metal
  • TEXTILE: systems for fabric coupling and coating, etc.
  • CONSTRUCTION: ceramic, brick, drying enamels and powders, continuous and intermittent drying, heat treatment furnaces and decorations, drying up water on tiles line after cutting, heat treatment for production of precast, etc
  • RUBBER-PLASTIC: heat treatment for bitumen, calendered films, PVC for coating, etc.
  • WOOD: heat treatment of wood surface for drying of paint, powders, decorations, etc.
  • PAPER: graphics printing and packaging, adhesive coating, etc.




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