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Heating of sport and recreation areas 

Gas luminous heaters and radiant tube heater are ideal to heat totally or locally large areas, including sport and leisure spaces,  in a continuous or occasional way. They are suitable for stadium, gyms, sport halls (all the building or just the stands), grandstands of racetracks (outdoor too) and ice rinks (both for amateur or competitive levels), tennis fields, trapshooting or fixed golf positions (for winter training), amusement parks (waiting areas).

High technology is available to supporters in order to make their vision of a sport event pleasant and comfortable in all cold places, where gas radiant emitters are required.

The model DC sport SIABS is born to heat extensive zones and allows to stay for long time in bad weather conditions, like what happens in football stadium during winter, without feeling the annoyance that cold provokes. You can choose among several thermal powers, fro 22 to 64 Kw; it’s extremely simple to install and is designed and tested to resist gusts, also of high speed. 


The show in the field must always be experienced feeling at ease. SIABS will study for you the best heating solution for your situation and will present you a product tested and certified by the major European institutions, providing the maximum quality of the device and its materials, rigorously Made in Italy.

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