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Heating for worship places
Churches, cathedrals, shrines.
Both heaters with fixed gas pipe installation and portable heaters working with LPG are available. 

Gas radiant heaters are the best solution to heat totally or partially large places, including worship areas, in a continuous or intermittent way.


DS version of SIABS, with particular cared aesthetics, silent operation and very robust structure, is the right solution to heat all worship places, from Cathedrals to small chapels, churches of all sizes, age and characteristics. Thanks to its design, you can install these devices at very high heights, without compromising comfort.
All models are available in "on-off " or "two-stage" version, with 2 heating levels (approx. 75 and 100 %), which allows clear and important advantages:

  • Better comfort for people
  • Savings in gas consumption
  • Fewer starts and stops
  • Reserve power in case of particularly cold periods

They are made of high temperature enameled steel, available in 3 different colours: IVORY, BROWN and GRAY, to ensure the best result in any architectural ambient.

The radiant surface is made of micro-perforated ceramic plates with low pollutant emissions; plates rapidly reach high operating temperatures (approx. 900 °C), and design temperature of the area to be heated is reached within minutes. Security is guaranteed by automatic electronic ignition and flame control.

We can provide a retractable system for the complete removal of the device on the cornice, when it’s not in use, in order to make the aesthetic impact close to zero.


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On demand, we can supply heaters with ROUND HEADS.


STANNUM heaters

The STANNUM version represents the future of heating for religious buildings: low running costs, comfort of gas system and security of electric system!! Combustion smokes are expelled outside, ensuring the total security and safeguard of paintings and frescos.


A careful design allows you to install the devices even at very high heights, without sacrificing comfort.

The heaters are made of steel and porcelain sheet available in ivory and gray, to ensure the most harmonious integration in any architectural contest. We gave much attention to its appearance; they work silently and they have a very robust structure.

The radiating surface consists of ceramic micro perforated plates with low pollutant emissions (NOx class = 5); the plates can quickly reach high operating temperatures (approx. 900° C), and within a few minutes the condition of comfort is achieved. Security is ensured by an electronic and automatic ignition and control system, which work in absence of flame. In addition, a safety switch is activated when combustion products are not discharged outside.



NH and DELUX heaters


The NH version of SIABS, or the DELUX version with wheels and a nice appearance, are the right solution to heat small and medium-sized churches when you can’t or don’t want to make the gas system with fixed pipe and electrical supply. Their structure is very solid and the oversized reflectors increase the efficiency (NH verison). The heating capacity can be modulated with a knob (DELUX version).


They are equipped with wheels to be easily carried from one place to another and stored when the cold season finishes. 


NH version comes with protective housing for the gas bottle, for reasons of safety and aesthetics. For the DeLUX version with gas bottle compartment, you can choose the colour of side panels: black anthracite, white ivory and stainless bright.


The radiant surface is made of micro-perforated ceramic plates with low pollutant emissions; plates rapidly reach high operating temperatures (approx. 900 °C), and the desired temperature of the area to be heated is reached within a few minutes. Ignition is manual with piezo-electric push-button (MR) or semi-electronic (DeLUX), while the safety is guaranteed by a system with thermo-couple.

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